Yet another Amazon order is on it’s way to your house. You’re excited because your item will arrive within 2 Days…for FREE! Why? because you have Amazon Prime! The item shows up in the typical Amazon-branded box. Inside is your item, and a whole bunch of extra space, that they try to fill with those small plastic air-filled bags that ideally would keep your item from sliding around within the oversize box and getting damaged. Most of the time they work. Unfortunately, this is the only “extra” item in the box.

This is an expeditious way to get an item to you, the buyer, from the seller and from Amazon. But there is nothing special about this. This, and you are just another statistic. 1 of 5 Billion (yes I said Billion with a B). According to Digital Trends, Amazon announced that they shipped over 5 Billion packages in 2017.

How many of those packages impressed you with their delivery? Maybe their packaging? Or perhaps in some other way?

I’m not about against Amazon. In fact, I’m a proud Amazon Prime member. I love the service. With that said, the companies that sell their products to me, and that I willingly buy through the Amazon marketplace, are not memorable. They don’t stand out to me, and they have never impressed me.

During my connection, networking, and word of mouth speaking engagements I talk about John’s Crazy Socks. I’ve written about them before as well over on Credit Union Insight (Spreading Happiness). John and his dad Mark have figured out two unique things to do that stand out from others in many industries. They include small, little, low-cost things in their packages of socks that they ship out.

They have become known for their socks, their give back program, their sock of the month club, as well as the candy they include in every shipment, and a handwritten thank you card from John!

Johns Crazy Socks Delivery

These little things truly matter in developing relationships with your clients, and contacts. So how can you get started?
Let’s look at this from two different angles. Those who ship packages and those that don’t:

If you ship packages: Start by including something in each package. Here are a few ideas to brainstorm with your team about what you might include:

  • Candy that represents something you stand for
  • Candy that comes from your area, example, if you are shipping from Vermont, you might include some of those fantastic maple hard candies
  • Something from a local business, that you can support (include a note that you support them, love their product and love to include it in your packages)
  • Nuts….with a note, “We’re nuts about our clients, thanks for ordering”

If you don’t ship packages, because you are more of a service based business, try these ideas:

  • If you have an interaction with our client, include something at the interaction stage. Hilton DoubleTree brands do this with their freshly warmed chocolate chip cookies.
  • If you are a painter, replace broken outlet covers at your own cost, communicate that you did this to your client during the project
  • If you are in the Vacation Rental business, you can find out your guest’s favorite beverage like Tyann Marcink from Missouri Haus does, then leave it for them in the house when they check in.

The key to cutting through the noise, creating memorable experiences is finding things that are unique not just to your business but also to your client. It’s not always easy, if it were, everyone would do it. However, by including something extra, you are starting the process of caring about THEM!

As a service business, the focus of the included item, which is truly a gift, should always be tailored to your client. As a reminder, a coupon to purchase from you is NOT a gift. It’s advertising and it’s self serving. I highly recommend removing this from your process and your business.

What types of things are you doing to stand out? Tweet to me, post on Facebook, or post in the Get More Word of Mouth FB Group what you are doing, and what is working. I’d love to hear your ideas!