So often, when working with clients, I hear from them that they aren’t using software to track their customer interactions.  A CRM, Customer Relationship Management Software, is used to log notes and activities regarding your customers…AND your contacts!

This is a key piece of software used to effectively run your business.  Many of these software platforms will tie directly into your email system, allowing you to log all of the emails that come in and go out to specific contacts.  

Too often I hear from people I am working with that they are using Excel as their CRM.

One of the best features of CRM software is task management. The software most likely has the ability to create future tasks for you which allows you to create followup tasks to ensure that you are staying in touch with your contacts.

For example, one of the things I do when sending an email to someone, regardless of how important that email is, is to set a reminder to follow up on that email. Additionally, I like to send postcards to people. When I send one, I create a note, logged that I did that, and then set a followup to that action. The follow up serves as my next point of contact for this person.  I can then review the notes the next time that the task is due, review the account history and contact history, then make a determination on the next way or reason to reach out.

If I had to log this information in excel, there is no automated email integration, there is not automatic date tracking, and no reminders.

Now…here’s the kicker…many business owners either haven’t found the right software for them, or they are concerned about the pricing of the software.  There are many CRM’s on the market, and they range from FREE to $200/Month. I often find myself recommending the right fit CRM for the person I am working with!  You need to decide what is most important for you and then find the software that fits that.

I’m happy to help you find the right software. I don’t currently have any affiliations with any software companies. I’ll recommend the right fit to you based on your needs, so just reach out and let’s have a conversation so that you can get moving in the right direction with contact tracking!  The more you reach out to your contacts, to more referrals you will get. That’s why having software that reminds you to reach out is a key to getting more referrals!