Do you think that Personality matters in getting more word of mouth referrals?

Generally when that question comes up, the answer is 75% yes, and 25% no. Well, today I am here to argue that it should be 100%.

Those answering “no” generally fall into the category where they indicate that what matters most in getting more word of mouth referrals is doing a fantastic job! Doing what you said you would do, when you said you would do it, is how some people feel word of mouth referrals are generated. While I agree with this premise, I also believe firmly that your personality plays an integral part of the equation as to if you will be referred by others moving forward.

For many years I’ve been aware of the phrase “Know, Like, and Trust”.  I’m not certain where that phrase was generated from, but I do know that I’ve heard it many times throughout my life.  The Like part factors in quite a bit into your personality.

Here are 3 ways you can use your personality to get more word of mouth referrals:

  1. Be Yourself: We hear this often and it sounds cliche, but I can’t tell you how often I meet someone and they have a bit of shell on. I find out over time, that they really are nothing like the person they were the first time I met them. I get it! We all want to put our best foot forward in the initial interaction, after all first impressions matter!  It’s that point that matters most here, don’t let your first impression be someone other than you are. It’s fine to be professional, but just be you. As one of my coaches Amy Port says “Just do you!” I think that approach is so very refreshing!
  2. Connect: When you are talking with others, connect with them. Connecting means being present, listening, and finding ways to connect on all kinds of levels.  Connect with your eyes, your ears, your words, your body language. Connection is something we all crave, and if you can give it to others, that will be given back to you in the future ten fold!
  3. Share: Find ways to share stories and experiences of your life with others…not in a bragging or boastful way, but in a way that shows others what you care about.  If you have hobbies, share them. If you have family, share them. If you have stories, share them! Using social media to share your stories is one way you can share more.  If you share with empathy and honestly, you’ll find that others reading it won’t feel it is self centered. It will be a true share!

Practice these 3 steps in your daily communication and you should find that your personality is coming through strong enough for it to matter in your relationships!  Once you do that, you are on your way to more word of mouth referrals!