I’m not sure that this topic needs a 600-word blog to describe, but I’ll try to detail my thoughts and distill them down to be concise on why I believe that giving thanks results in more word of mouth referrals.

I thought about this topic recently during the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s at this time of year that many people recognize others and thank them for being involved in their lives.  With the focus on Thanksgiving and the overall giving season, awareness is raised, across the board.

But here’s the thing…

The majority of people don’t make it a point to give thanks on a regular basis. When you find ways to thank people for being who they are, what they bring to the world, what they’ve done for you, your business, your friends, or for any other reason, you are recognizing them for their contributions.  It’s a great feeling to be thanked, right?

So thank people!

Just like you’d like to be thanked!

Thanking people for what they do does a number of things that you may realize but don’t think about often:

  • It’s the right thing to do
  • It never gets old
  • They thank you back (law of reciprocity)
  • It feels good to thank others
  • You are showing up more in other people’s lives
  • You become memorable to others
  • You become top of mind resulting in more word of mouth referrals

While you should never thank others with the intention of getting more word of mouth referrals, that is the byproduct of caring and thanking.

So thank someone today!

…and tomorrow,

…and the next day!

Otherwise, You’re the Turkey!