If you didn’t already know, I’m a huge football fan, and I don’t mean literally, although I do top 300 on the scale!  HA!

As a big football fan, I root for the Patriots however I am a fan of the game! I’ve coached youth and semi-pro football, and I played high school football in Hershey Pennsylvania!  So, that’s why I was excited to visit Miami this year (2020) for the SuperBowl! While I don’t have a ticket, I did come with friends to Miami to experience all the other activities that the SuperBowl has going on including the NFL Experience, VerizonUP Cruise and FOX NFL Sunday with the Game Day Crew.  I was right up along the set for the Fox NFL Sunday, and a number of times Terry Bradshaw turned around, approached the crown, and was throwing candy, bottles of water, tshirts, and footballs. He was having a truly good time and it was evident that he was really enjoying himself! He was being him! The entire time you could see his personality showing through. His laughter! His silliness! When he was finished, quite a few fans started yelling “Thank You Terry”.  None of the other TV Personalities did this. It’s not to say that they didn’t want to or are bad people, however it’s clear that Terry stood out, and he stood out because he was being himself!

As you think about the things you can do with your fans…don’t do what Terry did! Do what you do best! It will get people talking about you, their experience with you, and your brand!

I’m writing this from Miami…it’s short because the game is about to start! Hopefully you enjoyed the SuperBowl! 

Until next week, don’t forget to

Live Happy
Smile A Lot &
#High5 Everyone Around You!