It’s commonly said that “people do business with who they know, like, and trust”. If you’ve been following along with what I believe, then you know that I believe in this but with one modification, adding Care to the end. I believe that “people do business with who they know, like, trust AND CARE ABOUT!”

To that end, getting to know people is the first step in this process. To me, that means that I need to know who YOU are! I want to know you, and what you have done in your life…what makes you unique and what makes you tick! You’re unique in your own way and that makes you different from other people that I have met recently…but does it?

I only know that you are different in unique ways if I discover that uniqueness through our conversations, which means I need to ask you questions that uncover it or you need to offer it.

Rather than have me work very hard to find this uniqueness, it might be best if you just found a way to share your story with me. People love stories…and stories are memorable, so give me something memorable to remember you by.

When you are meeting people, work on telling and sharing your story that will create a memorable experience with your new contact! This matters! There are many other people that your contact is meeting throughout the day and the week, not to mention the month and year. As you refine your story, pay close attention to how others react to it when you share it with them. Look for those cues that show you that the story is memorable!

Now that you have refined your story…now it’s time to share it…go out and tell your story!