Recently, I volunteered to pick up a speaker colleague from Boston Logan Airport and take them to their hotel. I’m a professional member of the National Speakers Association, and a proud member of NSA New England, our local chapter.  When we have speakers come to speak to our chapter about growing our respective businesses, we need volunteers to pick them up at the airport. It’s a fun time as you really get a great opportunity to build a relationship with someone you likely never knew before.

I won’t go into detail on whom I picked up…because that isn’t relevant to this article.  I just want to encourage you to take this opportunity if it ever exists for you (driving someone to/from the airport) as it can really build a deeper relationship!

During my time with this speaker, through conversations, and additionally through the content they shared at the chapter meeting, I found out a ton of information… all by asking engaging questions, letting them share, and listening to all types of things they were saying.

The following is a list of things I learned or discovered:

  • Married (for over 25 years)
  • 2 Children
  • One in college, one soon to be in college
  • They love music, it’s in their bones
  • They believe in and practice their faith
  • Spouse donated a Kidney
  • Town they live in
  • What kind of vehicle they drive
  • Attending some upcoming concerts like the Rolling Stones and Fish
  • Have been speaking for 25 years full time
  • They are fully committed to their work and to the association of NSA
  • Excited about a specific opportunity that their college student has coming up to meet a specific musician
  • Birthday falls around July 4th
  • Monther’s Birthday falls around the same time, they often celebrate together

This information is willingly shared by people all the time. All you need to do is listen to others and ALLOW them to talk.  Ask a few questions, always going deeper on what they shared. Show interest in them, not because you want information, but solely because you CARE about who they are and what matters to them!

The goal of these conversations is to connect.  You’re looking for like-minded people that align with you, your spirit, and people that you want in your life.  You’re looking for people that you can high five…so that you can implement the #High5 Effect!

Until next week…

Live Happy, Smile A Lot, and #High5 Everyone around you!