What is it, about the human brain, that allows us to question our abilities?
Sometimes… it’s even so strong we think it can lift more than we physically can lift.
It was simple Tuesday in September.
Late September.
Roughly 11am

A woman, lifted from her chair that was placed specifically at 5 o’clock, completing a horseshoe layout. She stepped to the front of the horseshoe and began to present…in front of her colleagues.
The goal was to speak for 6 minutes to other speakers about whatever you wanted, preferably some content that you wanted to work on. Then receive feedback.

So she began. She told us a story. It captivated me, drew me in, and then she related it to current life.
Ding! The chime rang signally the end of the 6 minute time frame.

Now it’s feedback time.
So in a true, caring and supportive way, we provided feedback. Both positive as well as some specifics that she was looking for.
Ding! The chime rang again signalling that the feedback session was up.
She wow’d me. Her ability to move, focus, articulate, entertain, communicate, and inspire was truly amazing.

TrustShe then shared with the group something that floored me. She said “I didn’t have something specific to work on, but I remembered that I had a card in my bag from a dear friend that I always carry with me. I just said to myself Trust Yourself!”
Her name was Sonja, and she sure did Trust Herself!
That was a jaw dropping moment!

In my speeches, I talk a lot about passion and action, and how they are so often disconnected. Even if you have passion, if often takes trusting yourself to take action. But Sonja took it to a whole new level. When the risk is bigger, the fear is much stronger!

You must always find a way to Trust Yourself.

Trust the process.

Trust that the results will be there.

Trust. Trust. Trust.

More Trust than Doubt.

Trust is where success begins.

It is where the caterpillar turns into the butterfly.

You could sum it up in an equation that may have some meaning to you.

Risk + Trust – Doubt = New Beginnings.

Trusting yourself is a mindset. It’s Mind over Matter! Do whatever you need to do to Trust in your abilities, your talents, and you will certainly achieve more!

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