When surprise is part of your personal care package, you really level up your relationship game! Most people I know love fun surprises.  They love gifts. But they really love gifts when they are a surprise.

Have you ever had that perfect cup of coffee?  That one that continues to escape your grasp again after you’ve had it once? Maybe it was in another town, or perhaps another state, or even another country!

That’s what happened to Jane.  

See…Jane wasn’t a coffee drinker, but one day she ventured into Rojos Coffee Shop in Lambertville NJ while she was on a business trip from her home in Toronto Canada.  Rojos (https://rojosroastery.com/) is one of those small town, quaint, local, yet vibrant coffee shops, where every cup of joe is made with love!  At Rojos though, they roast their own coffee beans and have a number of popular flavors for you to partake in.

Jane tested a few coffee blends, but found her love with Midwives’ Moonshine, a full body, roasted, snappy, balanced House Blend, as indicated by the label!

Enter Brian Douglas.  Brian is a business colleague of Jane’s.  Brian lives in Atlanta and runs a successful estate planning business (https://briandouglaslaw.com) and happens to get to Lambertville for work a bit more than Jane, and Brian knew of Jane’s love for Rojos Coffee and specifically Midwives’ Moonshine, not just because they shared time in that coffee house between meetings (along with other colleagues) but also because Jane had professed her love on Facebook for this coffee!

Jane could order and get it shipped to her, but like every normal person on this earth, she’s busy running a business, a family, and her life.  So reordering Rojos fell behind.

No worries!  That’s where Mr. Douglas enters the picture.  Brian didn’t forget the blend that Jane yearned for!  He visited Rojos and bought Jane some Midwives’ Moonshine, then packaged it up and shipped it to her, internationally I might add, so that she could enjoy the sweet, soothing, comfort of her favorite coffee!

And he included a handwritten note card! How about that!  Old School all the way!!!

The Surprise of Coffee

When Jane got the package…she was completely taken off guard.  She was so surprised that she posted a video on Facebook, sharing with all the world, how appreciative she was to Brian, and his thoughtfulness.

I think it’s important to note that Jane and Brian are colleagues.  They don’t have a client / vendor relationship. As colleagues they are friends.  I watched this whole thing go down, because I am a colleague of theirs as well. And when she posted that video….I smiled!  I told 3 people about this within an hour!

This is exactly what I share during my keynotes and workshops.  This is caring for others. It’s surprise. It’s a non-self serving act.  It’s CarePackage all wrapped up in a beautiful Fedex Box.

Wouldn’t you love to see your contacts, partners, vendors, and clients smile like Jane?

CarePackage Coffee Gifting

Kudos to you Brian Douglas!

You sir, are an example on exactly how to deepen relationships, and care about others!