I recently reached out to a contact (Eric D.) to check in on a previous video chat we had done in January of this year. During that video chat we talked about a lot of things, but it was really just about how he could get going in the world of public speaking. I shared my thoughts and gave him a few suggestions. 

When I followed up to check in, I received the following response:

Hello Matt,
I am taking the action of your last email and I have sent my blog articles to the decision makers to bring value right now instead of trying to sell. Because I have been bringing value and not trying to sell  a few of them have said when this is all over they would like to talk about bringing me in to present to their students next year. I’ve been reading your emails. I love your content, keep it up. I looked into joining the NSA at this point in my career. I’m probably going to hold off on that but eventually will join. looks like it can be very instrumental once I start speaking more. How is everything going with you in your business at this time? How  can I help bring value to you at this time?
Eric D


No for real…Here’s a list of all the things that Eric did great!

  1. He replied to my check in quickly (bonus points for replying within 20 mins)
  2. Stating that he is taking action (who doesn’t love to hear that)
  3. Indicating that he is serving not selling by adding value to decision makers
  4. Playing the long game
  5. Reading the emails I sent…(um yah, at least one person is)
  6. Praising me… with “I love your content”. (ok…now that’s awesome)
  7. Encouraging me with the statement “Keep it up”
  8. Providing me an update on something we discussed previously eg Joining NSA
  9. Asking me how things are going in my world
  10. Ending it all with How can I bring value to you?  (Killer question right there Eric)

There is nothing about this email correspondence I don’t love! In fact that only thing I wish is that it was in person, but alas, due to COVID-19 it is not!

I can’t wait to catch up with Eric in person when all this is over and give him a huge High 5!

For those of you following along…here’s Eric’s formula…

  • Indicate Action
  • Indicate Value Offered
  • Praise
  • Praise
  • Praise
  • Followup from earlier conversation
  • Check in
  • Offer To Help Me

Eric is definitely going to be firing up his referrals with this formula! If you are looking to FIRE UP YOUR REFERRALS, you can do so by downloading 2 great resources I have for you. You can get those here: www.FireUpReferrals.com 

Until Next Time…
Don’t Forget to Live Happy,
Smile A Lot, and
#High5 Everyone Around You!