I was recently invited to attend a Holiday Open House of a speaker colleague in the greater Boston Area. The event was held on a Sunday from 3pm-6pm. It was one of those events that was a stop by, stay awhile, then head out.  I arrived right at the start of the event…cause I’m that person that believes if you aren’t early, you’re late!

There were two other people who had arrived as well.  

As I sat in the formal living room near the front door enjoying the conversation with others, I couldn’t help but notice that the house was filling up. 

If you’ve been to similar parties, at those parties, like me, you likely see about 10 others at the party.  This party was clearly different. There were quite a few more people who attended. As I watched my colleague interact with her guest, I realized…now this…was caring!

These relationships, many of which were created over 10, 20, even 30 years, clearly stood the test of time. There were people that knew other people, even when the host didn’t know they knew each other. That was amazing to witness.  What I saw at this party was true connections and true friendships.

These greetings, conversations, and connections really made me smile. So much so that I mentioned it to my colleague.  It was a true testament to caring! As I’ve always said, when you care for others, they WILL show up for you!