Meet my friend Scott Mackenzie. Scott and I met back in 2017, when he filled out the guest request form for my podcast Square Peg Round Hole. My cohost Dan Candell and I accepted his application and we interviewed him. During that interview something clicked and Scott and I just hit it off. We stayed in touch over time, checking in with each other about every other month. It was a cordial, friendly relationship, and we’ve always talked about doing some work together.

Scott is a rock start podcaster focused on the industrial market. We talk business a lot.

Scott and I would use all types of tools to connect. From texting, to email, to phone called, then to zoom and skype. We found any way we could to continue our discussions and deepen our relationships!

Fast forward to today, October 13th, 2019, when I met Scott in Person for the very first time. Scott lives in Louisiana, and isn’t too far from New Orleans. I arrived from Boston today to speak for the Vacation Rental Managers Association at their international conference being held in New Orleans this week.

Scott picked me up at the airport, and he showed me the city. We went to one of his favorite restaurants, and we talked about…you guessed it, business! Of course we talked about much more than that, but business, ideas, and solutions are part of our DNA, and it’s one thing we both love and have in common, and it’s something that brings us together, resulting in a deeper relationship!

Some might say that the internet has had a negative impact on people and the relationships that they have with others. While I agree with that in some situations, I would argue that the internet has resulted in bringing relationships to the forefront. Just look at some of the tools that exist now that can be used to establish relationships, keep them moving forward, and grow them deeper, all without having to use a rotary phone!

I’m super happy to have met Scott in person this week, and it really made my day. We laughed a bit about how we had never met in person, but the funny thing is, we had built such a friendship online, that we knew each other so well by the time we met in person, it’s like we knew each other for years.
…Oh wait, we have!

If you want to do more business with people that you really like…then I would highly recommend that you NOT let distance be an issue and find tools that work for you to deepen your relationships!