It’s Oscar’s week! With the Academy Awards occurred on Sunday Night, many of our Big Screen hero’s were crowned with the golden statue, and ultimately the top award in their industry. The day starts with the iconic red carpet.  When they begin setting up the venue for the event, many days in advance, they install the red carpet and then they cover it to protect it. The Red Carpet is a big deal. There are even news stories and photographers that cover the red carpet being rolled out and installed.  I wouldn’t consider the rolling of the red carpet newsworthy. 

However, the Red Carpet is very iconic in many businesses. I’ve attended fundraising events that have red carpets, and conferences that have a red carpet too!  The red carpet, to me, indicates a higher level of service, and esteem.

My question for you today is…what are you doing to roll out the red carpet for your customers? Are there some unique things that you do, resulting in an experience that is memorable to your customers?  When you roll out the red carpet for others, they notice, and they refer!

Go ahead, find a way to roll out the red carpet!

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