There’s nothing worse than having to use those small screws and tiny tools that manufacturers include with the furniture you buy at your local big box store…including patio furniture.

Look folks….I dread the building process that is often “included” and “required” when I buy furniture of any kind.  Recently, I was accessorizing my deck. I’ve got the traditional grill, and the patio furniture, and all the outdoor fun stuff, which means I have odds and ends outside as well.  

So to declutter and organize my deck, and improve my overall relaxation environment, I bought a small outdoor storage box.  The one I bought is one of the smaller ones, perhaps the smallest that the manufacturer, Suncast, makes. If you are following along, this is the 22 Gallon Small Deck Box.

Patio Furniture Deck Box

So I get home and begin to carve out time so that I can assemble this storage box.  I plan for about an hour. Keep in mind that this box is rather small. It’s no higher than my knees, no wider than me, and no deeper than a foot or so.  It’s small. I figure an hour should be enough time.

When I opened the box, I had a bit of a bump in my blood pressure. I couldn’t find the tools and screws I would need.  Like most men, my first instinct is to IGNORE the instructions. But now I cannot, because I am starting to think that the box wasn’t packed correctly.  

I found the parts and pieces section of the instructions and realized quickly that they don’t list any screws, or tools as part of the instructions….hmmmm!

parts and pieces

That’s when I realized that this storage box is a piece of furniture that snaps together!


I had no idea. Zero Clue!

I was so excited.  I immediately started telling anyone in sight that this company had finally figured out how to make putting furniture together….easy!

I was able to put this storage box together in under 5 minutes.  Honestly, it took me longer to break down the box and put it, along with any plastic in the trash can!

Here are my key takeaways from this!

Over Deliver:

When everyone else sells items that require parts and tools, along with proper time management of the customer, the expectation is that the customer will need to use screwdrivers, screws, a cordless drill, a ladder, and even a Chinese proverb to assemble the item.  By creating a product that requires no tools, Suncast has exceeded my expectations! Job well done Suncast!


Sometimes Over Delivering results in surprise.  That was the case with Suncast! Perhaps my expectations were low, but because they over delivered in such a great and impactful way, it resulted in Surprise!  That’s key! Just Imagine how many people I will be referring to Suncast specifically for outside storage boxes!

What lessons can you take away from how Suncast has delivered in their product design and fulfillment?

ps..if you want to see the full set of instructions, here they are! Patio Deck Storage Box Instructions