I know many people who love networking, but from time to time just don’t want to go to an event.  There are a number of reasons why. Sometimes, they feel burnt out. Sometimes, the week has been rough and they just want to relax. Sometimes the drive to the event is farther than they prefer.

This actually happened to me just this past week!  It was a long week, and a long day, and I needed to drive a long way to the event, which meant it would be a really late night. 

I did go…here’s how I overcame my own objections.

I reminded myself, that it only takes one.

One Person.

One Connection.

One Meaningful Relationship, that could be the person that connects me to the person I need to be connected to.

Just One Person!  

That’s how I did it!

Consider, telling yourself this :Just One Person” Narrative the next time you’re struggling with attending a networking event.