Fear is like that pesky ex that just won’t stop calling.  For some reason, Fear just doesn’t get the picture that you don’t want him/her around.  

It’s time to breakup with fear and start pushing through it every single time you recognize it.

One very common thread with high achievers and high performance is fear.  Not so much that they don’t have fear, because in fact they do.  But that they address fear and push through it.  They have a way of focusing their mind on more effective things, which results in less and less focus on the fear itself.

The more you focus on fear, the more it will control you!

Pushing through the pain is a common statement of fitness coaches.  They know that if their client can push through the short term pain that they are enduring, the result at the end is going to be worth it.  Pushing through fear has EXACTLY the same results.

…and here’s the catch!  Just like the fitness workouts, you can’t always see the results at the other end.  You certainly can envision them.  Picturing the post push through results will assist you in pushing through fear to see what’s on the other side.

The result of pushing through fear is always better than allowing fear to control you and not taking any action at all.

Push through fear…and do it now!