Looking for local networking?

I’m all about helping people get more referrals and more networking events are a part of that.

Download a FREE CSV of events for this month!  Once you download the list, you will be on my email list, and as such you will receive and updated list of networking events each and every month. 


Each week I send out an email with a video tip on how to get referrals. The video is always less than 5 mins!  I hope you enjoy!


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Events to Download

What’s in the File?

My team is cultivating networking events from area Chambers as well as independent networking groups and organizers. Many of the events are free or low cost. Some are in person, others are on zoom. Just click the link to register and you can decide if that event is for you!

“If you are looking to work with someone to increasing your referrals, Matt is the person I would highly recommend!”

J. Galek

“I have never seen or heard someone talk about referrals like you do!”

T. Harris

About Matt.

In my past life, I founded and ran a Digital Agency for over 16 years. My agency’s success was because the time I spend nurturing my business relationships and in 2018 I sold that agency and became a professional speaker and word of mouth referral consultant. I’m passionate about teaching you how to cultivate relationships and I wrote “More Word of Mouth Referrals, Lifelong Customers & Raving Fans”. I eat, sleep, and drink referrals all day and I’m here to help you get more referrals.