What’s the one question that will lead to a referral for you?

Sit back, and take a moment. Think about the one thing you tell all your clients that is the reason other clients hire you.

Let me explain.  Back in 2012, I had been running my digital marketing agency for 10 years, but I never really knew why prospective clients were choosing us as their new firm. So..I started asking my clients. As it turns out, they started telling us that they couldn’t get hold of their current web firm.

That triggered an actual calculation. How many clients did I sign on in the past year and how many of those clients gave us that same reason!

Answer: 65%

So naturally I started telling referral partners specifically that we found that 65% of our clients came to us because they couldn’t get hold of their current web provider! That was the statement every time!  I remember it verbatim today.

Then…when I started working with partners more to refer us, or even when I was presenting at networking groups or local events, I would get asked, “Who’s a good referral for you Matt?” To which my answer was “Ask them when the last time their web company called them” The response would determine if the business was a good prospect. 

It’s a filter.

Try to find the question that will lead your partners to send you good referrals. Educate them on how to identify if the answer leads to a referral or if the answer is something that means it’s not a good fit.

Find that one question, and you could be firing your engines up for referrals. In fact, if you want to lift off with referrals in your company, considering grabbing these two resources I have for you at www.FireUpReferrals.com