Welcome to conversations with Einstein, a new series in short format video focused on business related content.

In this series, I cover all things business, and focus on 2 main areas, pro-activity in business, and over delivery in business.  My keynote speeches and workshops also focus on these 2 specific areas.  My goal is to help business owners create a more effective business, allowing them more freedom, while continuing to over deliver to their customers and clients on a consistant basis.

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I’m Matt Ward, Professional Keynote Speaker with Breakthrough Champion and this is Einstein. So one of Einstein’s most famous quotes is:

“logic will get you from A to B. And Imagination will take you everywhere”

This is what I wanted to talk about today. You see the logic of business has gotten us from A to B. We build a business… we work in it day in and day out. We acquire customers… we service those customers… we sell them products and services, different goods, we ship different items to them… we fulfill the market by which we work in… but yet many times we fail to over deliver.

So this is where the imagination part comes in. Oftentimes when I talk to people about the concept of over delivering it really is about the surprise aspect.

The fact that a customer is doing business with you and you are fulfilling and meeting their expectations.

The key behind all of this is in fact when you over deliver you are surprising them with something. Now what is it? That’s up to you…that’s your imagination. Perhaps it’s a customized gift it’s something unique to them something not mass produced. Maybe it is a simple gift basket of fruit.

It’s all up to your imagination. This is where it matters to get together with your team and figure out ideas that can be uniquely provided to your clients. At the most opportunistic time, and when I say opportunistic I mean… I mean opportunistic from their perspective not from your perspective. You see over delivering isn’t about getting something in return immediately it’s about impressing your client and providing them something that they did not in fact buy. It’s about doing something that your competition wouldn’t be doing. And at the end of the day it’s about setting yourself apart so that those clients will create the longest most ever lasting most powerful referral engine for your business.

I would suggest to you that you sit down with your team this week and brainstorm some ideas. Use that imagination that has gotten you this far.

And figure out how to have that imagination take you everywhere.

This has been another episode of conversations with Einstein. I hope you enjoyed it.

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