Scarcity is a R.E.A.L. Thing! For sure!

Rewind just 5 days. I was working with a small group of people to create a networking group in Massachusetts. This is a single seat group where only one person from each profession can be a member. 

I’ll change the names here to protect the innocent!

John is a property and casualty insurance professional. He invited a few of his contacts to attend a Thursday morning meeting. One of them was Jane, a Mortgage professional. Jane didn’t show up to the meeting. But John had created a meetup account and posted the event there for people to attend the meeting. One person that did attend due to the meetup post was Ken.

As it turns out, Ken was very interested. Ken submitted his application for membership within 48 hours.  

John introduced Jane to me because he knew that Ken was going to take the seat and he wanted to be sure that Jane had other options, perhaps other groups to look into.  Jane was very busy and her availability was limited to get on the phone. Here’s how the timeline worked.

Day 1 – Thursday –  Meeting

Day 2 – Friday – Jane gets introduced to me. Back and forth emails but her window of availability conflicts with mine. We discuss talking on 

Day 3 – Saturday – Ken submits his application for membership via email

Day 4 – Sunday – No Activity

Day 5 – Monday – Based on previous emails from Friday, I call Jane. She can’t talk and schedules a 7 AM call on Day 6 Tuesday.

Day 6 – Tuesday – She calls me right at 7 AM, we talk, she’s confused that there is no longer a seat available. Somehow, she thought that Ken had passed and was not interested.  I can tell on the phone that she’s a bit perturbed, dejected, confused, and disappointed. She says she’s going to regroup and decide what she wants to do next.

So what’s the lesson here?

It’s simple, and I’ve been preaching this from the mountain tops for 10 plus years!


Had Jane “acted” and attended the Thursday meeting, she would have likely decided to move forward quickly, completed the app and would have the seat. Then I’d be working with Ken to find a seat somewhere else. Instead Jane waited, and she lost out.

Now…this is only a seat in a networking group…what’s the big deal you say? Well…I see this all the time in business. I’ve seen it during COVID-19. Prior to COVID, and I’ll continue to see it post COVID. It drives me crazy.  Business owners are slow to make decisions and act.  They seem to think that they need to analyze things so much to not make a bad decision, but in reality, that alone is a bad decision. They should be deciding much faster, acting much more quickly, and adjusting on the back end to make things fit better.  

Had Jane attended the meeting she would have heard me say that she can submit an application, it won’t be processed until the group launches officially in a few weeks. This would have allowed her time to think it over and back out if she had schedule conflicts or business conflicts.  Instead, failing to make the decision to show up, resulted in a cascading effect of outcomes that she was not pleased with.


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Until Next Time, don’t forget to 
Live Happy,
Smile A Lot and
#High5 Everyone Around You!