Recently I was enjoying dinner in Fort Lauderdale with my speaker friend Shawn Boockoff. Shawn is more than just a speaker, he’s a business coach as well and he focuses on helping organizations eliminate a toxic and stressful workplace.  Much needed in today’s world for sure! Shawn and I went deep into our conversation about all types of topics. We talked about referrals, caring, thank you cards, and how we were both managing to get speaking opportunities throughout the country. We dived deep into his content as well around coaching, and how he works with people.

After 3 hours, we parted ways. He returned to his Hotel then off to Boston the next day, and I drove 2.5 hours to my next destination, arriving just after Midnight!  It was a very long day for me, but so very worth it!

Personally, I find great energy in connecting with others like this!

After another Eight days on the road, I returned home to Massachusetts and found a handwritten thank you card from Shawn.  As I went to open the card, I noticed something different and unique. It had a wax seal!

Wax Seals help you get more word of mouth marketing and word of mouth referrals

Wax Seals are Killer on your handwritten cards!

I love it when people send handwritten cards! As I’ve indicated in my talks, it’s so important to connect and go from the Inbox to the Mailbox!

From The Inbox To The Mailbox

To Get Referrals, Go From The Inbox To The Mailbox

However, if you have a wax seal, that you add to your cards, then you have just upleveled your handwritten card game.  Handwritten cards are effective in relationship building because of one reason, they stand out!  Very few folks are doing them!  This is, even more, the case with wax seals.  I get cards in the mail from time to time, primarily because this is something I speak about, however, I rarely get them with wax seals!  That’s such a cool touch, and it’s unique and memorable!

It’s things like that that make people write blogs like these.

Get yourself a wax seal if you want to uplevel your handwritten card game!