Are you funny? I don’t mean stand up comedy funny. I mean do you have a sense of humor? In the moment, during conversations, can you find the funny, and can you laugh at others who also find the funny?

I was recently with a friend, driving to dinner, and we were rolling in laughter during the ride. As I continuously smiled it dawned on me that I liked being around my friend. He was funny….and of course he dropped that famous pop culture line from Goofellas:


He timed it right, and I ended up in that dry heave laughing moment….attempting to gain enough oxygen to recover myself.

When we valet parked the car, you should have seen the look on the valet’s face! It was priceless.

As I look back on this experience, I realized a few things, many of which were relevant to life and friendships, but it also was clear to me that laughter brings people closer together.

If it’s true that people do business with who they know, like, trust, and care about, then it’s also true that laughter could in fact help build bridges between you and your contacts, deepening your relationships with them and resulting in more word of mouth referrals.

So….go be funny!