There he was…a 70 year old man, just having a conversation with the other party. As I listened, I realized, he was so relatable. It’s like he could see into your soul. 

Some people have a unique ability to connect with other people. While others struggle to make the connection.  

Some people have a gift, and others have to work really hard at it!

That doesn’t make connecting less important!  True connection is felt…deep in our soul. We won’t always connect with everyone, that’s very unlikely in fact, however we can work hard at trying to connect with others in ways that mean something, and in ways that are felt!

Back to that 70 year old.  I noticed that he had a limp…but he never mentioned it. He just carried on with what he was doing!  When it started to rain, it didn’t phase him, he remained focused on having this intimate connection with each person.

As I watched him interact with so many people I couldn’t help but think…did he have a gift? Or did he work at this skill and improve it over time?  I believe it’s the latter. While some people are truly born with this gift (and possibly this gentleman), I think his years of service to others, his commitment to his craft, and his true, heartfelt desire to connect with others meant that his skill got better everyday!  

If you have a passion for what you do…you too can be like Billy Joel!

Enjoy some of his banter and connection here in this video that I have edited together for you from the concert I attended on September 14, 2019 at Fenway Park in Boston! What a treat!