Messages are all around us. We are bombarded with advertising and marketing messages every day. So much so that we rarely remember what messages we saw yesterday, much less last hour. Most of the time It takes creativity to cut through all of that noise. However, sometimes, it takes a connection. That connection that triggers something else in someone’s mind and makes them remember exactly what you and your business are all about.

Recently, my good friend and podcast partner Dan Candell went out to dinner with friends at a Chinese restaurant. At the end of dinner, he received his reward…the fortune cookie.  Most likely this is why Dan was even at a Chinese restaurant. He loves these fortune cookies! He cracked open the cookie and found that his fortune that night read: “Remember to go out of your way to do something kind once in a while.”

Fortune Cookie

I have to assure you that Dan does not need to be reminded of this. He’s a very kind and giving person. However, he immediately took a photo of his fortune and texted it to me with the message “Check this out!”

I smiled. Why? Because I knew my message was hitting home.  In a world of messages that Dan had seen all day, he took the message he got from a fortune cookie and connected it to me!  That connection is something we all strive for in business. What ways are you connecting with your contacts? Are you activating their Reticular Activator to ensure that they are remembering you in unique ways and in unique circumstances?

While this blog post could have easily been about doing something kind…I think that is a given. I think that we know we all want to be kind people. We want our kindness to show through. Instead we need to be reminded that kindness with connection is the true goal.  Ensure that you are connecting with others throughout your day and in your personal and business communications.

By the way….If you are ever in Las Vegas, I highly recommend checking out TAO and getting their giant fortune cookie!

Taos Gian Fortune Cookie