Let me set the stage…

It’s October 2019

New Orleans Louisiana

VRMA International Conference

As I sat in on some breakout sessions, learning more about who was in attendance, so I could do my job properly for the closing keynote, I met someone with an interesting ribbon on their badge.

It said “Key Data Client”

I had no idea what Key Data was, however I subsequently found out that they are a software company focused on vacation rentals. They handed out ribbons for people to put on their name badges. These ribbons are often something that people look at when they meet each other at a conference.

What a great idea!  This is super helpful to creating conversations between conference attendees, resulting in clients walking other attendees over to the booth and introducing them to Key Data.

Think about how this might help you at your next conference that you have a booth at!  Think about how this could be used in your business even if you don’t attend conferences.  Do you have something that you clients can display, so that others know that they are a client of yours?

We are often searching for new, creating, and innovative ways to get more clients and referrals in our service based business.

This is an ideal way to help your client refer you when you are both available, and looking to help each other as well! Consider creating ribbons for your business, you might be surprised how many of them you could give out to customers and how much more traffic you might create for your business!

If you happen to work in the vacation rental industry, I look forward to meeting you at future events.  Feel free to walk up and introduce yourself…until next time…

Live Happy, 

Smile A Lot, and

#High5 Everyone Around You