Rebounding from failure is 100% mindset. When I talk with experts in different industries on my podcast, including my co-host Dan Candell, many times we talk about failure and focusing on how to move forward.  So often the solution will come back to mindset.  

Our mind is such an incredible muscle.  It has the great capability of learning so much more as we grow older and wiser.  However, it also has the capacity to generate self limiting beliefs.  Allowing these beliefs to control our thoughts, and ultimately our actions, results in less than perfect, and less than desirable outcomes.

When I look at people that take action on a consistent basis, I find a number of similar traits in common.  The most primary trait though, is belief in themselves!

They believe that they can in fact achieve good results.  This belief is paramount.  

In order for you to achieve the results that you are looking for you first need to have a positive mindset and a true belief that you can in fact do it.  Doubt will creep in from time to time, but with practice, you can push back that doubt, and the overall results will be that you have a more consistent “belief in yourself” pattern and practice.  

As we all have heard, practice makes perfect.

Practice in all parts of our life has a direct impact on how much we achieve related to the tasks that we take on.  If you aren’t willing to practice, you won’t get better.  You must be willing to put for the effort to practice, and in this case, that practice needs to be around the mindset of belief.  Belief that you can do this, believe that you can make progress, believe that you can be better each and everyday.  

Practice is MessyI have a mentor and coach that always says practice is messy.  You can’t expect that as you begin to practice that you will have immediate success.  Personally, I struggle with this myself. I want results immediately, that day, within that hour.  However the more practice I do, the more I accept the fact that practice is a process. It surely is messy.  I loathe everything about practice, but I do it because I know that I will be a better performer when the time arrives.

Are you ready for your performance?  Are you ready to present that big proposal to a prospect?  Have you practiced the words you will say, the presentation, the responses, and how you will handle them?  Have you put the work in to be prepared for this situation, ie game time! Furthermore, do you believe in your mind, that you are willing and able to present this to the prospect and worthy of their business?

There are many scenarios by which you can run through your head to be ready for.  Endless ones in fact.  Today, just pick one.  Pick one that you know can bring you back to the top. Pick one that you personally believe in.  Perhaps you are already fairly good at this but need a bit of improvement.  Pick that one!

Now practice!

Begin practicing now, so you don’t delay your improvements!

Just remember, every time you fall, you CAN get back up.  That alone is something you practiced when you were just 2 years old! You do it everyday now!  Just apply that trait to your mind now and don’t allow yourself to remain down very long.  Get right back up!

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