Have you ever gotten a Thank You Email from someone? I’m sure you have. I have.

Thank You Emails are just like all other emails, impersonal, and lost in the inbox. They lack the ability to stand out in a unique way. They don’t tell a story, and that is what creates memories. It’s those memories that result in people receiving more word of mouth referrals.

In 2018 I had signed up for a workshop with my friend and thought leader Tamsen Webster. She’s a genius when it comes to identifying and clarifying content for other thought leaders. In fact, her clients refer to her as the Idea Whisperer, as she knows exactly how to find The Red Thread™ in your idea.

Tamsen and I know each other through NSA, the Professional Association for speakers. We’ve spent time working together and we’re friends on social media.

I referred someone to Tamsen’s workshop that I registered for, specifically because I know, like, trust, AND care about her and her business. Tamsen is amazing, she’s super likable, and I want her to be able to help many more thought leaders in this world! That’s why I care. I want others to see her genius.

So…I referred her, and the person I referred her to attended the workshop.

After the workshop, Tamsen followed up with a handwritten card, thanking me for registering, thanking me for referring her to my friend, and she included a small gift.

Let’s talk about that gift.

Let me tell you what it was NOT. It was NOT:

  • A fruit basket,
  • A branded item for her,
  • A branded item of someone else,
  • Her book,
  • A discount coupon to register for another event,
  • It was none of these things, which was AWESOME!

It was a series of postcards that depicted the town of Hershey PA some 50+ years ago.

Hershey Postcards Get More Word of Mouth Referrals

Here’s the thing. If you know me well, then you know I grew up in Hershey PA, and you know that Hershey PA and specifically Milton Hershey is near and dear to my heart.

I have no idea how much Tamsen spent on this gift, it couldn’t have been much. But that isn’t the point! It’s not the price that matters. It’s the connection. The fact that she knew enough about me to find a gift that was solely for me, and not someone else, touched me deeply. She put some thought into this gift. She bought the item, then waited for them to be delivered to her and then she put them in the thank you card.
I will never forget the feeling I got when I opened this card. In fact, I wish I could bottle that feeling up!

So now what, you ask?

You better believe that I am on the lookout for more referrals for her. I’m not marketing her business per se, but she certainly is top of mind to me. If someone wants to refine their content and their message, I will always refer them to Tamsen! If you want a personal introduction, I’m happy to make that as well! Just email me!

If you want to understand how well you care for others in your, take the caring assessment!