My Dog Magic loves her sticks.  Actually, she loves her trees. She will literally run into the woods and bring back the largest tree branch or stick that she can find. If she could bring a tree out of the ground with her mouth, she would! As she’s rummaging through the woods for sticks….she keeps upgrading what she’s got as she’s bouncing around the woods trying to bring it back. If she finds a larger one than the one she’s got, she drops what she has in her mouth and she picks up the new larger one. She has even figured out how to hold it at an angle and drag 85% of the stick to her side and behind her. This way she’s not trying to run through the three-foot space between two trees with a 12-foot branch.

Dogs in general just love to bite off more than they can chew. It’s their nature. And it’s human nature as well.

Future Multi-Tasker

We multi-taskers and professional optimizers of business function try to do too much all the time. I see this often when I talk to people about Word of Mouth Referrals. Audience members get excited about the concepts and ideas that they are hearing me share from the stage.  They get motivated to take action, which I am completely in love with. Action is the key to all of this success! However, I must issue a word of caution.

Don't Drink From The Firehose

If you attempt to drink from a fire hose, you will be very sore and most of the water will end up on the ground and not where you intended.

The best way to take action and start implementing your personal CarePackage is to do it one step at a time. My suggestion is that you start with no more than six contacts that you want to have a deeper more meaningful relationship with and you work on those six for the first 90 days.  After that, you will start to see a rhythm form, and you can add a few additional contacts to the mix.

If you start with too many contacts at once…you’ll just be another dog in the pack, and nothing will get moving in the right direction!

Instead…be the lead dog and don’t bite off more than you can chew!