Facebook has rolled out WIFI, allowing businesses to offer an integration with their normal wifi router.  Antoine Dupont explains how this works and why it is so important for spreading the word on your business and getting, as he calls it, more ”Digital Marketing Gold Dust”

I love it!

He references the ability for the average number of friends to see their friend at your business location as an incredible form of “word-of-mouth marketing”.  

I agree!

Which is why it is so important that we ensure that our customers who are in our establishment are having a good experience.  Because they are checking in on wifi, perhaps right after engaging with an employee, they will be far more prone to leave a bad review if they have a bad interaction.

What things are you and your employees doing to ensure that you are following the pillar concepts when interacting with your customers?

As a reminder, I’ve shared the pillars here on the blog before and in my book, but they are pretty straightforward.  They are:

  • Over Deliver
  • Listening
  • Surprise
  • Non-Self Serving Acts

If you are going to roll out the Facebook WIFI option for your business, be sure that you are addressing these four pillar concepts with your team at your weekly meetings.  Finding ways to achieve these pillars will result in a happier customer service experience and more word of mouth referrals. It will certainly result in more positive facebook recommendations as well!