One way to ensure that you get more referrals in your business is to empower your team to make a difference with the contacts that they come in contact with on a regular basis. Let them make decisions, and let them spend money!  Don’t tie their hands behind their backs. Let them be who they want to be, express their gratitude toward others, and use their creativity to make a difference. When they do that, people talk about your company in a positive way!

Here’s an example of just that. This pilot bought pizza for all the passengers on his plane, out of his own pocket!

This employee refunded shipping for a Peloton.

A Southwest Employee sang to a customer onboard a flight who had recently lost a child.

I could write 1000 more words on this blog but I think you get the point. Let your team be themselves, and you will get people talking about you and you will get more referrals.