Property of Google UniversityRecently I was asked …”How do you know all this stuff?” My response was…”I own a T Shirt that says Property of University of Google”!  I’m self-taught.  The school of hard knocks as folks like to say.  The reality is that you can get your education from many different places.  Universities, colleges, secondary educational institutions of all kinds, as well as many other great learning sources.

Some of my favorites sources of learning are:

One reason I like listening to podcasts is because they don’t require additional time.  We all have 24 hours in a day.  You can’t read a book while you are driving to work, but you can listen to podcasts during that time.  This is often referred to as NAT (No Additional Time) or NET (No Extra Time).

We all have time constraints, responsibilities, and many people have difficulty fitting it all in.  I recommend to people I meet all the time. Use NAT sources of learning to continue growing and educating yourself on things that help drive toward your current, highest priority goal.

One of the key elements in my Business Recipe for Success is to Educate Yourself and Never Stop Learning.  You can define learning for what fits your life and interests.  Everyone has a different standard for how they want to learn and what they want to learn, as well as how fast they want to learn.  The key is that you don’t stop learning.  Even if you are learning from a colleague, coworker, or mentor!