Recently I was keynoting an event, and someone asked a question related to their contacts. She asked (and I’m paraphrasing), “What is your thought on people that constantly call me for great contacts, specifically tradespeople, that I have spent lots of time vetting and working with?”

Basically what this audience member was communicating was that she spent a great deal of time finding, vetting, and cultivating quality people to work with her clients, and her business. She felt that if she shared those contacts with others, these well-vetted, well-cultivated relationships would no longer be available to her if she started giving out their names.

First, let me say, that this might be true, meaning that it might actually happen. But I have found more often than not, that this concern doesn’t often pan out.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t have the concern. But I rarely see sharing contacts, making introductions result in working less with your contacts.

Here’s a couple of things to note about this situation, if you should ever find yourself in it:

  1. These folks are asking you for your contacts. That means that you are a connector. You are known in your area as someone that is respected and someone that knows how to build relationships with others.  This is an extremely well-respected position and something that many people dream about! Embrace it. Share the wealth!
  2. If you love your contacts and want them to be around for a long time, share them with others. By hoarding your contacts, you risk the possibility of them not being diverse enough to weather the storm. If things get rough, and your business gives them fewer referrals in the following year, they could feel that in their business, and that could result in them going out of business.  Considering the alternative, I would hope that we would choose the route where they remain in business, thrive, and are there for you all along!
  3. If caring is top of mind, then we should care enough to share our contacts. We should care about the person asking for help and we should care about our contacts who we can help get more business!  Everyone wins in this situation!

In summary, share your contacts with others when asked. It benefits all involved!

Until next time…don’t forget…

Live Happy…

Smile A Lot…and,

High 5 Everyone Around You!