A Chocolatier, a spartan, and a businessman all walk into a bar.

That’s how all great jokes start isn’t it? With 3 types of people doing something!  It’s the rule of 3, which is a staple in humor and joke telling, but when it comes to the rule of 3 in relationships, it’s often overlooked.

Relationships are what makes the world go round. In the service-based business world, we don’t buy from a company, we buy from people.  It’s relationships that drive those business buying decisions, and it’s why you need to consider spending time and connecting with all types of people.

I was recently at a networking event and I met some very interesting people.

  • I met Josh, who is a DJ and a custom clothier
  • I met George who had a startup in the drone world, sold it, now runs a digital marketing agency
  • I met Tiffany, a Realtor
  • I met Elizabeth, a Financial Advisor
  • I met Diane, a custom Jewelry designer and creator
  • I met Elizabeth, a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner
  • I met James, a mortgage planner

These are just a few folks I met at an event. I’ve met many other folks at events recently as well.  While I’m always focused on my allstars, meeting new ones, connecting with existing ones, I still really enjoy meeting all types of other people.why? Because connecting with all types of people increases referrals.

Here’s the full photo…that’s me in the middle incase you didn’t know! 


Milton Hershey School Spartan, Me, Milton Hershey

Milton Hershey School Spartan, Me, Milton Hershey