One thing I’ve discussed before with folks is the need to be committed to the process of referrals and all the goes along with it. Without that commitment, you’ll fall back into the same old sales processes you’ve had for a very long time!

Take for instance New year’s resolutions. There are countless studies and articles, including this one, where they talk about the short lived life of resolutions.

We try with all our might to avoid starting new things and implementing new business processes that won’t be followed. In my experience the issue seems to be the desire to do too much, and that alone becomes unsustainable, resulting in the failure of the new process to become an active habit!  I often try to set realistic expectations on the issues that doing too much can cause. As such, we try to make small changes that don’t require much behavior change. This increases the likelihood of a new process succeeding.

Remember less is more, Long live your resolutions and your new referral processes!!