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In this series, I cover all things business, and focus on 2 main area, pro-activity in business, and over delivery in business.  My keynote speeches and workshops also focus on these 2 specific areas.  My goal is to help business owners create a more effective business, allowing them more freedom, while continuing to over deliver to their customers and clients on a consistant basis.

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Welcome to another episode of conversations with Einstein I’m Matt Ward, Professional Keynote Speaker with Breakthrough Champion and today’s Einstein quote is:

“not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.”

Do you count your relationships? Are you able to count how deep those relationships go? Are you able to count what relationships matter to you and whether or not your relationship matters to your customer, client, friend, partner, colleague. Relationships are often the key to a successful business. The question I pose to you today is how do you know if your relationships matter? Because I don’t think you can count your relationships. You might say I have 50 strong relationships or I have a 100 quasi strong relationships but that’s not what I’m referring to. I am referring to how deep you can go with a relationship to the point where it matters where you can give of value… you give something to somebody else without the expectation of anything being given to you in return.

You see I learned that from a great book many many years ago by Keith Ferrazi called never eat alone. And it really taught the value of giving without the expectation of getting the term.

There is also a National Organization referred or called BNI, Business Networking International and their motto is Givers Gain. They do believe that more you give the more and you’ll gain. The question is what is it that you’re looking to get in return. Perhaps it’s self-satisfaction some sort of gratitude return or perhaps of acceptance. But those things probably don’t matter. Ultimately what matters is that the person on the other side is appreciative of the things that you have done for them. So perhaps you could go out today and you could ask somebody how can I help you. How can I help you.

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