What if…you helped a friend out one day? You know that friend who cannot stand networking? That introvert? That person who just started their business, or that person that you know needs to be doing more networking, but just hasn’t felt comfortable doing it.

What if you brought them to a networking event that you were attending? What would that look like for them? And for you? And how would that event go down?

Let’s start with an assumption, that you are going to a networking event in the next 2 weeks.

Now write down 3 names of business friends that you think could benefit from attending this networking event, then call each one of them. Ideally at least 1 will attend.

When you get to the event, focus your time on introducing your friend to others that you know. Do not work the room like you would normally do, instead remain focused on your friend, helping them, and ensuring that this event is a success for them.

2 Things happen when you do this.

  1. Your friend you brought,will be truly honored and will see you as their hero! They will gain additional respect for you, and they will consider you and your business more often, by nature, for referrals
  2. The people at the networking event will see you as a connector and will respect you very much for putting your friend first. This in turn will generate additional referrals.

Consider being someone’s wingman or wingwoman at the next networking event you go to!