Here’s a thought…don’t hide! Be Visible! Easier said than done, some say!

I’m sure we would all agree that generating word of mouth marketing referrals is difficult, but I would argue that it’s easier if you would just be more visible.

Recently I walked into my local Dunkin Donuts and the person behind the counter asked me if I live at the top of the hill. I don’t, and I let her know that I don’t, at which time she replied that she thought she saw me mowing my grass.

First…you should know that is way to much activity for me! 🙂
I let her know that! 😛
But then I thought…wow, she’s beginning to recognize me more (even if it was a case of mistaken identity). As I drove home that day, realizing that this business is one I visit daily when I am home from all the conference and event speaking that I do as a professional speaker, I thought it was quite relevant to business.

The more you show up in a visible way to others to the more they recognize your presence.

Now you might be thinking…but dude…it wasn’t even you she noticed! Ah ha! While you are correct. It was me she THOUGHT of! That is a step in the right direction. Think about it this way…She saw someone else and thought of me! FOR THE WIN!

As you continue to work daily in your business and find ways to show up in other people’s lives, remember that others ARE paying attention. While they might not get everything right the first time, they notice you. Just keep doing what you are doing, the right way, the caring way, and things WILL start to fall your way!

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Live Happy,
Smile A Lot,
And #High5 Everyone Around You!