We are in the midst of one of the world’s worst crisis situations, COVID-19. Arguably this could be the worst economic crisis in human existence, or at best our lifetime.  While we are faced with very uncertain times, there are a number of people that believe in order to weather the storm, we need to double down and go all in. I’m one of those people.

And yet, many business people are doubling down in the wrong way.  

Recently I’ve gotten more messages on LinkedIn that are just completely inappropriate.  The offers are so strong. They are wrapped in text that implies that the person is intending to “help” me. However, it reeks of “sales pitch” and clearly lacks the solution to “my problem”, instead these messages talk all about how they are different from the competition, better than the competition, and how they can “help” me.

Yeah Right!

If we are looking for people to talk about our businesses, so that we get more referrals, we should never be sending messages like these.

All these messages do is get me to talk about them on my blog, and not in a good way.

Alternatively, there are other messages, posts, emails that I get that are clearly filled with emotion and empathy for the recipient. It’s like care is oozing from the emails and messages! These are the types of messages that you want to be sending out to your contacts.

If we are tone-deaf at this time, then our businesses are going to struggle to get new sales, and certainly more word of mouth referrals.  I think that the most appropriate response to such a message is a simply reply with this hashtag, #ToneDeaf

Instead of trying to oversell new contacts, maybe we should just double down on our partners, they’ll give us more referrals anyway. If you want to know how much money you can make from referral partners when you build real relationships with them…download the free Referral Revenue Calculator at www.FireUpReferrals.com. Fill out a few fields and you can see the revenue that you can create from doing this type of virtual networking with referral sources, or as I call them, referral partners.

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