When we (collectively) are working on our personal CarePackage to gain more word of mouth referrals we consistently find ways to over deliver and surprise our contacts.  Those are two of the four pillars in your personal CarePackage. The other two are listening and non-self-serving acts.

As we begin to think about our contacts and act with intention, we find incredible ways to surprise our contacts, and that is very rewarding on a personal level.  Some of these actions that we take including mailing something to someone as a surprise.

To avoid giving away the fact that something is on the way, we want to find our contact’s address through public means, ideally without them giving it to us directly.  Here are 3 ways to get a contact’s address.

  1. Check the website for the company that your contact works for. Often times there is an address on the about page, the contact page, or the footer of the website.  I receive requests often for my address and it’s posted on my website here: www.breakthrough-champion.com/contact
  2. Google your contact, their company name, the city you think they might live or work in. Try a number of different combinations to see what might come up during the process. You can also google their phone number to see if any additional information appears in the results. If you get new or updated information, you can add that to the google search to get more detailed results.
  3. Ask…but not the contact. Instead, ask a mutual contact. Sometimes a mutual contact may have their mailing address.

These 3 ways of gaining your contact’s address without them knowning allows for your card or gift to remain a surprise.  The element of surprise is a crucial part of the recipe for building deeper more meaningful connections with others, and gaining more word of mouth referrals.